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Advice: Why not to 'cheap' out and the various types of photogs and what to look for.

There are SO many horror stories out there when it comes to photographers failing clients. It may not necessarily be their presence but the results. You don't want someone that is easy to get along with but the results are average at best. I want to be very clear, every event and circumstance will differ. Our experience and professionalism are at best when we have to deal with unplanned situations. You are paying for quality throughout not just the easy moments so please do your research and don't be sold on someones good salesmanship. There are more to it than just how well they can sell themselves, the presentation, open communication, portfolio, reviews ( That in its own is another kind of thing you need to learn to read, some reviews are biased and are a bible of in between the lines) and among it all, how much they bleed passion to make sure you're happy. With that said. If you have a small budget by no means do I want you to take a second mortgage out. Some of us work with payment plans, we know that your wedding is a year out so we work with that. Consider hiring a friend that is interested in learning but has enough experience to get by. This is the kind of event that multiplies the feeling of regret so think about how okay you are with tossable photos. If you have a bigger budget you'll encounter various sorts of talent and price ranges. some photographers with a relative style might be a few thousand dollars apart, I won't fully get into why they charge differently but maybe one is systematic and the other is more hands-on. One might preset their editing, Presets are image styles AKA Instagram Filters that you can click and apply to one or a bulk of images to ease workflow its common practice. Is it bad? It depends, I personally do not use them %99 of the time  I edit every image one by one but If a series of images are in very identical lighting situation I will make one and bulk the process to keep them consistent. Some photographers shoot only with natural light, some with flash units, some use both, some photographers are tall some are short, some have tattoos and some don't, some offer prints and some don't. You get the idea, there are many things that you might consider when you see what we all have to offer.,  Here are some tips I recommend you use when hiring a photographer

1)Hire me

Lol, Your mindset needs to change when approaching this. This is luxury, You don't NEED photos of your event but if you read that and had an urge to punch me then you are doing the right thing by researching and learning as much as you can to find the right person/team. after all your special day will come and go and the memories cannot always be described, they need can be shown and printed and placed in your living space, office, wallet, place of business, etc. One aspect of this that some don't consider is that YOU will be representing the quality you feel you deserve. You bought your car, watch, shoes, shirt, where you shop, where you eat represent how you feel you deserve to be looked at and when people see your photos and say praise how beautiful they are they will understand that you are a person that cares about talent. It's not about being vain, it's about showing yourself in the best frame possible. 

So to sum this post up

- Search, look everywhere, ask questions, DO NOT COMPROMISE! But don't overreach. We price ourselves based on years of experience, quality, workflow, and overall execution.........I will admit some overprice because of ego. 

- For bigger events ask about hiring a second photographer, why? I'll cover that on another post

- Ask if we know other vendors! I personally work with people I have used or have been on assignment with. I would not recommend unless I would hire myself and that alone allows for fewer headaches

-If someone puts a bigger emphasis on gear, watch out. if they brag about having the best images but their images look like you could have taken them yourself then maybe they are more show than work. (Keep in mind that some photos might look simple but low light situations are a big challenge and some situations are worse than you know so gear is important but someone with older gear and experience will always be better than someone with new gear and ignorance)

-Camera brands? Don't worry, no one has ever complained about the pan their delicious food was cooked in if it tasted bad they blame the cook. Again the brands do not matter but the tier of the camera can have an effect on quality in some situations. This is more technical but I have no problem explaining this to you if you have questions about is Full Frame better than APSC I would love to teach you (Yea, I know this kinda contradicts the point above but I'm too far deep into photography for my own good  lol)