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About me

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my page. Most likely its because we came across each other and we hit it off, or you found me by Googling "Best Photographer in South Florida" I actually do show up. I am an experienced photographer who has worked as a music photojournalist and a general life photographer for MANY years, you can see that work https://www.j18photography.com/ I hope you do take a minute to appreciate that. Over the past couple of years, I have been creating memories for loved ones and friends like you. They want a creative and caring quality that can only be captured by someone that sees you not just as someone that wants pictures but someone that expects artistic meaning in their photos. I want you to print these images, I want you to be able to share what we created with not just your friends and families but to those annoying coworkers that won't stop talking about their annoying neighbor, your furry friends even your bartender, hairstylist, or even your annoying neighbor haha, no judgment. I am very excited to know that you stuck around this far into this post so I hope we can move this into a chat and see if we can fit one another. I would love to discuss ideas and have you be part of my family of photos. my biggest dream is to capture your memories until you die! Honestly. We live in a time where capturing all parts of who we are is normal, it was normal for us photographers but now its cool for everyone and I'm excited that you're interested in being in the know.

I hope to talk to you, I sincerely do.

Thank you for visiting